Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Law Firm in Rapid City

Criminal cases are unique. When the government is prepared to take your liberty and property, you need experienced help in the courtroom. We can handle your case from bond hearing to jury trial and everything in between. The professionals at Pahlke Law have more than 25 years experience handling criminal cases. We handle all criminal cases including DUI/DWI, drug and alcohol cases, assault and domestic abuse, theft, and fraud. We regularly appear in both state and federal court. We can help with all your legal needs.

Pahlke Law is a Criminal Defense Law Firm based in Rapid City, SD. Call today to set up an initial consultation. During your time with us, we will develop and put into place a strategy based on your individual needs and circumstances. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers will explain in simple, understandable terms what is happening during your case and what to expect throughout the entire process. With 26 years of experience, we are ready to serve your best interests.

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